how can trees transform agriculturE?

A space where we investigate the possibilities of agroforestry, share experiences and analyse different strategies, tools and techniques. We bring you quality, in-depth content, so that we can better understand the role of trees in the agroecological transition. 

Photo credit: Wakelyns Farm from J. Gugenheim, M. Lindstrom, P. Clitheroe

Today, we face the challenge of producing food and fibre to meet the needs of both humans and the environment, for the current and next generations.

In practice, that means bringing together productivity and healthy ecosystems while making farms financially viable.

Agroforestry offers some promising tools.

To find out how we can integrate them in our farms we are interviewing farmers, scientists and other experts to share with you their experiences and practical advice. 


What trees to plant and how to manage them?

How can we best integrate different productive elements?

What business models for agroforestry systems?

We are tackling these questions and many more. If you are interested in how we can make agroforestry work in a diversity of contexts - this podcast is for you!

Put simply, agroforestry is the integration of agriculture and trees.

It is about creating synergistic relationships between trees, shrubs, animals and annual crops to make farms more productive, profitable and ecologically sound.  



Alley cropping




Support species


Hedges & Windbreaks

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