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We are gathering a list of all resources that relate to agroforestry, from academic books to educational organisations, and everything in between. 
If you believe we are missing something, please get in touch with us!  


  • ‘Restoration Agriculture: Real-World Permaculture for Farmers’ Mark Shepard (2013) 

  • ‘The Carbon Farming Solution’ Eric Toensmeier (2016) 

  • ‘Making Small Farms Work’ Richard Perkins (2016)

  • ‘Tree Crops’ Russel Smith (1929) 

  • ‘Regrarians eHandbook – 5.Forestry’ Darren Doherty, Andrew Jeeves, Georgi Pavlov (2019) 

  • ‘Edible Forest Gardens’ Dave Jacke, Eric Toensmeier (2005) 

  • ‘Silvopasture’ Steve Gabriel, Eric Toensmeier (2018)

  • ‘Heartwood: The art and science of growing trees for conservation and profit’ Rowan Reid (2017) 

  • 'Agroforesterie: des arbres et des cultures' Christian Dupraz, Fabien Liagre (2011)

Academic Books / Journals 


  • ‘Agroforestry Systems’ Jose, S. (Ed)

  • ‘Advances in Agroforestry’ Nair, P. K. R. (Ed)

  • ‘Agroforestry’ Dagar, J. C. (Ed), Tewari, V. P. (Ed) (2017)

  • ‘Tropical Agroforestry’ Atangana, A., Khasa, D., Chang, S., Degrande, A. (2014)

  • ‘Toward Agroforestry Design’ Jose, S. (Ed), Gordon, A. M. (Ed) (2008)

  • ‘Agroforestry for Degraded Landscapes’ Dagar, J. C. (Ed), Gupta, S. R. (Ed), Teketay, D. (Ed) (2020)

  • ‘An Introduction to Agroforestry’ Nair, P. K. R. (1993)

  • ‘Agroforestry - The Future of Global Land Use’ Nair, P. R. (Ed), Garrity, D. (Ed) (2012)

  • ‘New Vistas in Agroforestry’ Nair, P. K. R. (Ed), Rao, M. (Ed), Buck, L. (Ed) (2004)

  • ‘Agroforestry in Europe’ Rigueiro-Rodríguez, A. (Ed), McAdam, J. (Ed), Mosquera-Losada, M. R. (Ed) (2009)

  • ‘Valuing Agroforestry Systems’ Alavalapati, J. R. (Ed), Mercer, D. E. (Ed) (2005)

  • ‘Carbon Sequestration Potential of Agroforestry Systems’ Kumar, B. M. (Ed), Nair, P. K. R. (Ed) (2011)

  • ‘Agroforestry Systems in India: Livelihood Security & Ecosystem Services’ Dagar, J. C. (Ed), Singh, A. K. (Ed), Arunachalam, A. (Ed) (2014)

  • ‘Climate Change-Resilient Agriculture and Agroforestry’ Castro, P. (Ed), Azul, A. M. (Ed), Leal Filho, W. (Ed), Azeiteiro, U. M. (Ed) (2019)

  • ‘Agroforestry: Science, Policy and Practice’ Sinclair, F. L. (Ed) (1995)

  • ‘Integrating Landscapes: Agroforestry for Biodiversity Conservation and Food Sovereignty’ Montagnini, F. (Ed) (2017)

  • ‘Agroforestry: Realities, Possibilities and Potentials’ Gholz, H. (Ed) (1987)

  • ‘Agroforestry for Ecosystem Services and Environmental Benefits’ Jose, S. (Ed) (2010)

  • ‘Agroforestry for Commodity Production: Ecological and Social Dimensions’ Jose, S. (Ed) (2010)

  • ‘Agroforestry for the Management of Waterlogged Saline Soils and Poor-Quality Waters’ Dagar, J. C. (Ed), Minhas, P. (Ed) (2016)

  • ‘Biodiversity, Biofuels, Agroforestry and Conservation Agriculture’ Lichtfouse, E. (Ed) (2011)

  • ‘Agroforestry for Sustainable Land-Use Fundamental Research and Modelling with Emphasis on Temperate and Mediterranean Applications’ Auclair, D. (Ed), Dupraz, C. (Ed) (1999)

  • ‘Temperate Agroforestry Systems’ Andrew Gordon, Steven M Newman, Brent Coleman (2018) 

  • ‘Tropical Forest Ecology’ Montagnini, F., Jordan, C. F. (2005)

  • ‘Physiology of Woody Plants’ Dr. Stephen G. Pallardy (2008)

  • ‘Forest Ecology’ Burton Barnes, Stephen Spurr (1998)

  • ‘The Nature and Properties of Soils’ Ray R. Weil, Nyle C. Brady (2017)