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This is a shared and collaborative page with Agroforestry resources.
If you would like us to add any resource please contact us.


  • ‘Restoration Agriculture: Real-World Permaculture for Farmers’ Mark Shepard (2013) 

  • ‘The Carbon Farming Solution’ Eric Toensmeier (2016) 

  • ‘Making Small Farms Work’ Richard Perkins (2016)

  • ‘Tree Crops’ Russel Smith (1929) 

  • ‘Regrarians eHandbook – 5.Forestry’ Darren Doherty, Andrew Jeeves, Georgi Pavlov (2019) 

  • ‘Edible Forest Gardens’ Dave Jacke, Eric Toensmeier (2005) 

  • ‘Silvopasture’ Steve Gabriel, Eric Toensmeier (2018)

  • ‘Heartwood: The art and science of growing trees for conservation and profit’ Rowan Reid (2017) 

  • 'Agroforesterie: des arbres et des cultures' Christian Dupraz, Fabien Liagre (2011)

Academic Books / Journals 


  • ‘Agroforestry Systems’ Jose, S. (Ed)

  • ‘Advances in Agroforestry’ Nair, P. K. R. (Ed)

  • ‘Agroforestry’ Dagar, J. C. (Ed), Tewari, V. P. (Ed) (2017)

  • ‘Tropical Agroforestry’ Atangana, A., Khasa, D., Chang, S., Degrande, A. (2014)

  • ‘Toward Agroforestry Design’ Jose, S. (Ed), Gordon, A. M. (Ed) (2008)

  • ‘Agroforestry for Degraded Landscapes’ Dagar, J. C. (Ed), Gupta, S. R. (Ed), Teketay, D. (Ed) (2020)

  • ‘An Introduction to Agroforestry’ Nair, P. K. R. (1993)

  • ‘Agroforestry - The Future of Global Land Use’ Nair, P. R. (Ed), Garrity, D. (Ed) (2012)

  • ‘New Vistas in Agroforestry’ Nair, P. K. R. (Ed), Rao, M. (Ed), Buck, L. (Ed) (2004)

  • ‘Agroforestry in Europe’ Rigueiro-Rodríguez, A. (Ed), McAdam, J. (Ed), Mosquera-Losada, M. R. (Ed) (2009)

  • ‘Valuing Agroforestry Systems’ Alavalapati, J. R. (Ed), Mercer, D. E. (Ed) (2005)

  • ‘Carbon Sequestration Potential of Agroforestry Systems’ Kumar, B. M. (Ed), Nair, P. K. R. (Ed) (2011)

  • ‘Agroforestry Systems in India: Livelihood Security & Ecosystem Services’ Dagar, J. C. (Ed), Singh, A. K. (Ed), Arunachalam, A. (Ed) (2014)

  • ‘Climate Change-Resilient Agriculture and Agroforestry’ Castro, P. (Ed), Azul, A. M. (Ed), Leal Filho, W. (Ed), Azeiteiro, U. M. (Ed) (2019)

  • ‘Agroforestry: Science, Policy and Practice’ Sinclair, F. L. (Ed) (1995)

  • ‘Integrating Landscapes: Agroforestry for Biodiversity Conservation and Food Sovereignty’ Montagnini, F. (Ed) (2017)

  • ‘Agroforestry: Realities, Possibilities and Potentials’ Gholz, H. (Ed) (1987)

  • ‘Agroforestry for Ecosystem Services and Environmental Benefits’ Jose, S. (Ed) (2010)

  • ‘Agroforestry for Commodity Production: Ecological and Social Dimensions’ Jose, S. (Ed) (2010)

  • ‘Agroforestry for the Management of Waterlogged Saline Soils and Poor-Quality Waters’ Dagar, J. C. (Ed), Minhas, P. (Ed) (2016)

  • ‘Biodiversity, Biofuels, Agroforestry and Conservation Agriculture’ Lichtfouse, E. (Ed) (2011)

  • ‘Agroforestry for Sustainable Land-Use Fundamental Research and Modelling with Emphasis on Temperate and Mediterranean Applications’ Auclair, D. (Ed), Dupraz, C. (Ed) (1999)

  • ‘Temperate Agroforestry Systems’ Andrew Gordon, Steven M Newman, Brent Coleman (2018) 

  • ‘Tropical Forest Ecology’ Montagnini, F., Jordan, C. F. (2005)

  • ‘Physiology of Woody Plants’ Dr. Stephen G. Pallardy (2008)

  • ‘Forest Ecology’ Burton Barnes, Stephen Spurr (1998)

  • ‘The Nature and Properties of Soils’ Ray R. Weil, Nyle C. Brady (2017) 

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