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Meet the Hosts

Etienne Compagnon


I studied environmental politics and then went on to work for Fermes d’Avenir, an organisation that promotes agroecology in France. I discovered that I didn’t just want to talk about farming differently, I wanted to do it so I joined Dimitri and his family in Greece to start Mazi Farm. I am now back in France and in the process of starting an agroforestry farm there. 

I am passionate about developing accessible and scalable farming systems, where we can combine high production and ecological regeneration while producing a decent income for farmers.

Dimitri Tsitos

Since I found out my passion for agriculture,
I haven’t been able to stop. I was lucky to study alongside people like Ernst Gotsch, Mark Sheperd and Elaine Ingham. In 2017 I started Mazi Farm with Etienne and my family on 5ha of land in a degraded region of Southern Greece. There we have been trying out a variety of techniques with the objective to regenerate the land and create an income from our produce.

The experience taught me a lot about the challenges and complexity of agroecological systems. This let me to leave the farm in my family’s hands in order to expand my knowledge and experience. I am now following my dreams, developing the technical skills to design, implement and manage regenerative agricultural systems. 



Listen to the 1st episode where we tell a little bit about our ourselves, explain why we are excited about Agroforestry and share what you can expect from the podcast.

Regenerative Agroforestry Podcast
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