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We are thrilled to announce that the podcast’s ecosystem is growing! 

This year we are partnering up with Propagate to bring the content of the podcast to the next level.

Propagate is an US based company offering an exciting and unique approach to Agroforestry. They combine analytics, economic insights, practical know-how from the field and access to economical viability in their software OveryieldThe result is a systematic and ambitious methodology that enables us to scale Agroforestry. 


The objectives of this partnership are two. First to make Propagate’s high quality data more widely available  to our listeners and contribute to the community. Second to support and grow together as teams, building a resilient network of knowledge and information in the Agroforestry field. 


Propagate is offering us financial support for 2022 and helping us to make this podcast sustainable in the long run. 


In # Episode 4 we interview Propagate to meet the team and undertsand their operations. 

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